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Live Answering Service

The most popular product we offer, our 24/7/365 live answering can be integrated with our Virtual Receptionist Service, Interactive Voicemail and Flexible Message Delivery.

When you engage our service by forwarding your line to an 800 or Local number we provide, our operators will answer your phone in your name or as you specify), and project a positive, professional image of you to your caller. The information our operator gives your caller and collects from your caller is exactly as you specify. You will receive your messages in a clear, concise manner, and your messages will be accurate and delivered in a timely manner.

Calls are recorded for quality assurance, and can be available upon your request.

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Interactive Voicemail

The most basic service we offer is interactive voicemail, which can be offered as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with live answering. For a small to medium business, this feature is the most cost effective and easy to use.

In addition, we offer features that are light-years ahead of our competitors. For example, our voicemail can provide your callers with:

Our voicemail can send sound files of your messages via email.

To get a detailed explanation of all the features and benefits our voicemail product offers, call us at 800-472-4495.

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Front-End Call Support

Like our interactive voicemail, our live telephone agents can provide your callers with basic information, (e.g. address, business hours, directions etc.) dramatically cutting down the number of calls that must be handled by your staff, freeing up their time so you can use them more effectively.

Call us at 800-472-4495. Our customer support staff will be happy to explain to you how our front-end call support can improve your profitability.

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Live Website Support

Our agents can provide your business with live, 24/7 support for your website, either via telephone or an embedded chat function. Having a live professional available for your clients to talk to is often the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost sale.

Because our agents can interact directly with your website as they answer your calls, they can place orders directly on your site, speeding up order processing. This service can dramatically expand your market base, allowing you to effectively sell your product to those who don't typically buy over the Internet.

Call us at 800-472-4495, and a member of our customer support staff can explain to you how we can maximize the effectiveness of your website.

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Flexible Delivery

Your messages can be provided to you via:

or any combination thereof. You can specify how or to whom messages are delivered depending on the time, day, caller, situation, or any other factor. Greetings given and message content can also be specified and changed in infinite variety. You can even have recordings of your messages emailed to you upon your request.

Give us a call at 800-472-4495, and one of our representatives can explain in detail how our flexible delivery can enhance your business and free your time.

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Live Remote Receptionist

The explosion of telecommunications options in recent years has expanded the applications of our services beyond simple after-hours coverage. For example, many busy people are effectively unable to turn on their cell phones because of the constant stream of incoming calls. Our agents can serve as your virtual receptionist, qualifying and screening your calls to make sure that only necessary calls get through. Also our agent will first ask you if you would like to speak with the caller while the caller waits on hold, as does a traditional receptionist. In addition, with this service, you don't need to be in your office to be "covering your phone" and your callers don't have to know you're out. Also, you will be able to take an incoming sales call, any time, anywhere.

As far as your caller is concerned, our telephone agent is your receptionist, sitting in your office. Moreover, the price of our 24/7 service is a tiny fraction of what even a part-time receptionist would cost on your payroll.

Unlike some other services, we offer:

Call us at 800-472-4495, 24/7, and our knowledgeable support staff can provide you with a detailed description of how our Live Remote Receptionist Service can enhance your business.

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On-Call Scheduling

Our On-Call scheduling function allows you to update which of your colleagues are on-call in real time and as often as necessary. Moreover, you can specify under which circumstances you should be contacted — and who should be contacted under which circumstances – and update these specifications as often as necessary and in real time.

Call us at 800-472-4495, and we can help you get the most out of your staff with On-Call Scheduling.

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Online Scheduling

As an adjunct to our live remote receptionist product, our telephone agents can check, change, or make appointments or reservations for you, directly on your calendar. Your calendar will reside on a secure website, which you and your staff can access and update at any time via the Internet. Our telephone agents will also be able to access your schedule when they are taking your calls, so your callers can make, cancel or change appointments with you, even when no one from your staff is available to answer the phone. You can specify in detail under which situations our agents should or should not make changes to your schedule.

Clients that find this product most useful include physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers, technologists, caterers, and tradespeople.

Call us at 800-472-4495, and a member of our customer support staff will be happy to discuss with you how this service can be best applied to your specific situation.

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Backup Support

During busy times, our agents can stand behind your staff and take calls that they would have missed. Also called "spillover," this service allows you to handle unexpected surges in incoming calls without having to hire extra staff. You can also use this service to better utilize your existing staff, minimize idle time and dramatically lower your payroll expense, while avoiding the even greater expense of a lost sale or a frustrated client.

Give us a call at 800-472-4495, and let one of our customer support staff explain exactly how this service can enhance your business.

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Our well-trained telephone agents can take sales orders for your business, usually at a small fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff, and with much greater flexibility. We can also act in concert with your in-house staff by:

Orders can be placed directly on your website, simplifying your order processing, and can be verified via call recordings stored on our own servers or uploaded into your own database.

Besides simply taking the order, our agents can be as involved in selling your product as you want them to be. Call us at 800-472-4495, and our customer support staff can explain to you in detail how we can best serve your business.

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Calling Services

In addition to taking incoming calls, our telephone agents can also make calls on your behalf. This service can be used for such purposes as:

Since these calls can be blended with our other services, we can provide this service for dramatically lower cost than doing it with your own staff.

Call us at 800-472-4495, and let us explain for you in detail how this service can improve your profits and enhance your business performance.

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Other Services

Because excellent customer service has always been our highest priority, we are flexible enough to provide you with practically any service we can to enhance your business. Every business is different, and our experienced staff excels in designing custom applications for our clients' individual needs. Virtually the only limit to what we can do is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

We want to design the perfect solution to your business needs. Give us a call at 800-472-4495.

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